Inno Kkalkkeumi

The Kkalkkeumi sauce bottle is equipped with a silicone stopper at the opening to ensure that liquids such as mayonnaise, honey, syrup, fruit jam, oils, soy sauce, and soybean paste do not freely flow or leak, which is drip-free and cleanly used anywhere. It can be used also in camping, outdoor activities, gift containers, or container for tasting.
※ Caution: Inno Kkalkkeumi​ is a patented product, unauthorized use may result in legal punishment. Beware of similar products.

Inno Kkalkkeumi​ Feature

Clean sauce bottle

It is equipped with a silicone stopper at the opening, which is drip-free.

It is good for camping

It is not leaked and drip-free with good portability. Thus, it is good to be used in camping or outdoor.

Inno Kkalkkeumi​ specification

NO Product name Size (mm) (diameter Φ x height h) Load capacity (water) Material
1 Kkalkkeumi (small) Ø33×H105 75 mL PE
2 Kkalkkeumi (large) Ø33×H100 110 mL PE
3 Gomdori (small) Ø33×H145 180 mL PET
4 Gomdori (large) Ø33×H180 360 mL PET