Inno Fermentation pouch​

The fermentation pouch of Inno Package is an innovative pouch specialized for fermented foods. It is mounted with the “breathing fermentation valve” to prevent damage to packaging materials caused by internal gas such as Kimchi or fermented food that occurs during the logistics process.

Fermentation pouch Feature

No leaked liquid

The liquid is not leaked but only fermented gases are emitted to the outside.

Longer freshness

It is excellent to keep the freshness of fermented food and for the logistics of small packaging.

It is suitable for exportation products

Fermented foods can be exported all around the world.

It prevents spoilage

It prevents penetration of bacteria and moisture.

It does not swell or burst

It prevents the swell or damage of
the packaging material

※ There are ready-made sizes, but please contact the company when making an order.