Perfect airtight packaging Inno Can Seamer

Our Inno Can maintains a complete sealing state by double attaching (seaming) the transparent PET container and aluminum lid together. The Inno Can Seamer is our machine for attachment (seaming).
※ The Inno can seamer provides a lifetime free after-sale service while the Inno Package containers are used.

Inno Can Seamer Feature

Sealed packaging with double attachment

Lightweight, simple and luxurious look

Around 40 containers can be used

It can be used in high humidity

Inno Can Seamer specification

Product name Inno Can Seamer
Volume 400(W) * 590(D) * 840(H)
Weight 85KG
Rated voltage AC 220V – 60HZ
Rated power consumption 180 W
Production speed 20 items per minute
Material SUS (Stainless)